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Important COVID-19 Notice:
Asthma & Allergy Specialists is dedicated to the care and safety of our patients. Please review this message to see how we have enhanced our safety and care protocols to better serve you.

As we move back to normal operating hours on Monday, May 11 - We will continue to follow the highest standards and precautions as it relates to sterilization and infection control in accordance with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

While social distancing continues, for the safety of our patients and providers we also encourage:
• Wearing a face covering
• Regularly washing your hands with soap and water
• Patients and/or parents of patients - please do not bring siblings or excessive family members to the appointment. We ask that no one in attendance has any of the symptoms listed below.

Please contact our office to reschedule the appointment if you have any of these symptom(s)
• Fever
• Potential exposure to the coronavirus
• Traveled within the most recent month
• Experience any signs of feeling unwell

Additionally, as long as insurance allows, our providers are still available for Telehealth visits.

On behalf of our team, thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies, food allergies or other types of allergies, Asthma & Allergy Specialist is your place to diagnose and get treatment in Charlotte, NC.

Asthma Care

Are you experiencing shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, cough and/or wheezing? Does exercise, change in weather or environment increase your symptoms?


Need a dietitian in the greater Charlotte area? Do you need a meal plan for special dietary restrictions or suggestions for preparing meals for children with food allergies?  


There are many factors that contribute to a child’s inability to get a peaceful night’s rest. Our advanced sleep experts find the cause for sleep disruption & treat accordingly.

Interested in Clinical Trials?

Learn more about participation in research studies and which studies are available.

Did you know we treat sleep disorders?

Our goal is for your child to sleep peacefully.
SleepWell Kids is a pediatric sleep clinic serving the Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas.

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Throw a kiddie birthday party with allergy-safe snacks

Don’t let food allergies be a party pooper! From allergy-safe snacks to ‘free-from’ cakes and non-edible giveaways, here’s a guide to planning a kid-approved, allergy-free birthday party Whether it’s a barbecue, picnic, or princess-themed party, when it comes to planning a birthday party for your kids, creating a plan for allergies and intolerances has become […]

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November 18, 2020
Navigating the holiday season with allergies

Getting out and about during the holiday season presents certain challenges for those living with allergies. Whether it is a trip to the mall shopping for presents or traveling to spend time with friends or families, here’s a few tips to help you breathe easy through the holiday season. Burning candles and scented sprays What’s […]

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November 9, 2020
Thanksgiving feast free of allergy anxieties

The holidays can prove a daunting time for those with food allergies and parents watching what their children eat. But it’s easy to put together a safe feast for Thanksgiving if you just pay attention to labels, stick to natural ingredients and be mindful of the recipes and ingredients that flow from your cornucopia. 1. […]

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September 30, 2020
Don’t let your nut allergies give you a fright this Halloween

Have nut allergies made Halloween extra spooky? This year, have an allergy-inclusive Halloween with candies, chewing gum and lollipops that won’t drive you ‘nuts’! While giving out goodies to the flock of trick-or-treaters on Halloween, do you fret over their allergy? You’re not alone. Today, since most neighborhoods prefer only factory-wrapped treats over home-baked treats, […]

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September 9, 2020
Wheeze-Less Workouts

Don't let asthma get in the way of your relationship with fitness (unless your physician advises you otherwise). The key is to do the right kind — and amount — of exercise. Here are 10 asthma-friendly workouts that won’t take your breath away. Would you believe that a sizable number of athletes suffer from asthma? […]

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May 21, 2020
What is Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE)?

Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by symptoms of esophageal dysfunction and increased eosinophils in the esophagus. Eosinophils are a type of white blood cell that is important for fighting parasitic infections. In allergic conditions such as asthma, environmental and food allergies, eosinophils can increase in certain areas of the body and […]

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“We have been going here for YEARS! My daughter started early and is now in her 30’s, which got me to start. Do it, it’s worth it!”
My son has been seeing Dr. Patel and her staff for many years and we love them. They’re a smart, personable and caring group of individuals. They are patient with children and parents. Highly recommend them.
Great experience! From the receptionist to the doctor! Everyone made it a positive experience for my daughter!

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