Need a dietician in the greater Charlotte area? We will address all your needs; whether you need a meal plan or if your child has a food allergy, we are here to help. 

Working with your healthcare provider, your Charlotte dietitian, Raquel Durban (on right), can create personalized nutrition assessments and plans. Each assessment is tailored to the patient’s needs taking into consideration all aspects of quality of life. A diet recall will be conducted and assessed for the appropriate nutrient distribution and consumption. After review, changes to diet will be recommended in written plan with suggestions for steps for successful implementation.

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Nutrition Services


· Setting goals for your child’s weight and growth

· Establishing your child’s energy, protein and fat intake requirements

· Monitoring and making changes to your child’s tube feeding plan

· Helping determine supplementation needs

· Providing advice on healthy meal patterns, picky eating and appropriate portion sizes for age



· Food allergies

· Eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders

· Cystic Fibrosis

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Charlotte dieticianWe want to be your Charlotte dietician. Contact us today if you are having any of the symptoms mentioned above. We have 6 locations in and around Charlotte: Arboretum, Mallard Creek, Matthews, Monroe, Waxhaw, and Steelecreek.