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Asthma Management

The Experts in Asthma Management
Top medical professionals agree that Asthma patients are best managed by physicians with specialized training 1.     At Asthma & Allergy Specialists, our pediatric pulmonologists, Drs. William Ashe and Hugh Black have been serving the Charlotte community for more than 2 decades. Their experience and specialized training can help treat your child with asthma related breathing or lung problems. Through decades of experience they understand that infants, children and teens have unique medical needs due to their growing bodies.   Drs. Ashe and Black approach to patient care is based on an understanding of patient needs along with a calming bed side manner which has led to improved patient adherence to prescribed treatment plans.
Why do I need a pediatric pulmonologist?

A pediatric pulmonologist can provide a diagnosis, treatment and management plan for your child, from birth to age 21 that is address breathing or lung problems.  In addition our skilled nursing staff can ensure accurate spirometry which should be measured at least every 1-2 years for controlled asthmatics.1

Pediatric Pulmonologists have specialized training. They have completed at least 4 years of medical school, pediatric residency training and an additional three years of fellowship training in pediatric pulmonology.2

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